BeGas launches new liquefied gas-fueled engine for urban heavy-duty vehicles

Its new family of engines powered by autogas (LPG) and bioautogas (bioGLP) facilitates the decarbonization of heavy vehicles.

26 de diciembre de 2022

The manufacturer of engines powered by liquefied gas for heavy urban transport BeGas has launched a series of new four-cylinder engines with liquid injection Euro VI E. "The B430LG model is an engine manufactured by BeGas and powered by autogas (LPG) and bioautogas (bioGLP)," the company has pointed out. "With a maintenance and service life very similar to diesel engines, it provides high reliability due to the quality of materials and components used for its manufacture and, in addition, the liquid injection ensures the optimization of each cycle," he added, "configured as an option for the decarbonization of urban heavy vehicles.

Engine emissions have been measured under
actual driving conditions.

The company has highlighted that, according to data obtained under Real Drive Emissions Test, "the use of these engines reduces emission standards 92% in particle number (PN) levels, 93% in particulate matter (PM10) levels, 90% in nitrogen oxides (NOx), 70% in hydrocarbon levels and 65% in carbon monoxide (CO) levels". BeGas has highlighted that another benefit of the combustion technology of this engine family "is that it employs a four-way catalyst after-treatment system that offers uniform emission control performance, requires no maintenance and can be mounted horizontally or vertically on the vehicle". In this regard, the manufacturer has stressed that "neither the use of AdBlue nor forced regeneration of the particulate filter is necessary".

Likewise, BeGas has pointed out that the liquid injection system "provides absolute control of the fuel from the tank to the injector tip, obtaining a homogeneous mixture of oxygen and gas inside the cylinder and low fuel consumption". The firm stressed that it also "helps to atomize the fuel in the intake, which contributes to the reduction of polluting emissions and increases engine efficiency".