BeGas leads the renewal of heavy urban transport fleet


There are many challenges in terms of mobility to be faced by local corporations in Spanish cities nowadays. The reduction of polluting emissions, the search for solutions that take into consideration the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and the introduction of clean energies in the urban transport system, are some examples of these challenges.

To collaborate with them in this task, BeGas, manufacturer of ecological engines powered 100% by autogas or liquefied biogas, reaffirms its commitment to the decarbonization of transport and presenting its ecological solutions at the XXVIII Technical Conference of the National Association of Public Environmental Companies (ANEPMA).It was a meeting focused on urban waste management and street cleaning, which took place from November 23 to 25 in Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz).

BeGas, as a member of the association, attends the conference to present the EVO 3 8-cylinder V engine for heavy urban vehicles (buses, waste collection trucks, etc.). This engine, developed in collaboration with the CDTI, and that is already rolling in public vehicles in the Spanish cities of Santander and Valencia, can be installed in heavy vehicles through two innovative solutions.

The first solution is the retrofit, that is, the replacement of the most polluting diesel engines with a BeGas engine. An alternative with which companies and local entities will be able to extend the useful life of their vehicles in a ecological way. And it is that with the introduction of these engines it is possible to avoid the generation of more than 80,000 kg of waste if we are talking about a small fleet of five trucks. Secondly, for those organizations that desire to integrate an engine powered by autogas or liquefied biogas from the beginning, BeGas also installs its engines in new vehicles, reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by up to 80% thanks to the use of liquefied biogás, in relation with the origin engine.

However, the company's proposal does not end here. In addition to being a pioneer in the manufacture of liquefied biogas engines approved at European level, and the only one in Spain that integrates them into new vehicles; the company will be presenting a new engine in Chiclana de la Frontera that is next to be approved by the European Commission.

It is a small-size, 4-cylinder engine with which BeGas will cover vehicles from 3.5 tons. This new engine wants to be one more solution to promote the use of smaller ecological vehicles.

Two engines and four vehicles on display

The 8 and 4-cylinder engines could be seen on display at the company's stand along with four vehicles in which BeGas has installed its innovative engine, three of them donated by the urban services company Urbaser.