eKo revolution by BeGas

BeGas amplía su capital en 5,2 millones de euros


Five years of intense work has allowed us to present our industrialization project in Bizkaia on the 21st of July, thanks to the investment of 5.2 million euros made by our two new partners, Ekarpen and BBK; and the expansion of the investment by Repsol, Innvierte CDTI, EASO VENTURES, Itzarri and EIN, which started in December 2019. This economic injection will help us to face the great challenge of manufacturing the first family of engines all over the world of 100% AutoGas (liquefied gas) with European Euro VI D homologation for trucks and city buses.

«We have been brave and committedand we will continue being so because it is in our DNA,» added Pedro Silva,CEO of BeGas, in a very emotional way; as he thanked the team of people who have made possible the design and homologation of the BeGas AVG 100% family of engines AutoGas (liquefied gas).

But this milestone would not have been possible either without the support and collaboration of the Center for Thermal Engines (CMT) of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), all the partners that make up BeGas and all the people who have trusted us all this time.

At BeGas we are very proud to have come this far, not only because this step makes it easier for us to continue growing up in our project, but because we will be able to contribute to reducing pollution emissions from urban transport. Our engines receive excellent emission results in homologation tests. Based on the standards of the demanding Euro VI regulations, we have managed to reduce emissions by 51% in CO levels, 22% in PN levels, 57% in Nox levels, 29% in PM10 levels and a 87% in HC levels.

Furthermore, in the next three years, we expect to generate 25 new direct jobs, 100 indirect jobs and a positive impact on the Basque automotive ecosystem, thanks to the investment of 6 million euros that we are going to make in this industrialization process.

The manufacture of our engines, available in powers of 250, 280 and 310 hp, will allow us to carry out two business models. On the one hand, the incorporation of engines in new vehicles and, on the other hand, the re-motorization of diesel trucks and urban buses (around 3 to 8 years), which will allow them to extend their life cycle. In both cases the vehicles will obtain the Eco – DGT label. All that has been possible because at BeGas we believe that the economy is not at odds with the ecology. AutoGas is an ecological fuel whose price is approximately 45% cheaper than a liter of diesel, which allows a 36% reduction in operating costs for fuel.

With the same enthusiasm that we have undertaken this project, we intend to continue developing new engines powered by alternative fuels thanks to our technological knowledge and in line with our main goal: contribute to a sustainable future in the transport of goods and people.


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