The list. 39 companies were awarded to develop hydrogen-powered mobility: Which are they?

Destinus Spain, Talgo, Begas Motor, EVO and Airbus win the largest grants of program 2 of the Hydrogen Knowledge and Innovative Value Chain call.

The winners of Program 2: Design, demonstration and validation of hydrogen-powered mobility included in the framework of the incentives for the Renewable Hydrogen Knowledge and Innovative Value Chain were published yesterday.

More than 38.6 million euros were distributed among 39 companies that intend to complete 13 projects. Within ten days, at the IDAE's electronic headquarters, the proposed beneficiaries must communicate their acceptance of the same to the Instructing Body.

Destinus Spain, Begas Motor, Talgo, EVO and Airbus received the largest grants, over 3.4 million euros. Each one belongs to a different project.

The first of the firms received the largest amount of money: a total of 7,012,530.25 € out of an eligible cost of 14,025,060.50 €. This amount will be destined to the development of a propulsion system powered by liquid renewable hydrogen for air mobility in Castilla y León.

Begas Motor obtained 3,968,389.20 € for the design and development of a BeGas-V8 engine for heavy vehicles powered by hydrogen combustion (BEH2).

The project will be carried out in the Community of Madrid and declared an eligible cost of €6,613,982.00.

Right there, Talgo is part of the group of companies that carry out HYmpulso: a comprehensive project in rail mobility through hydrogen: from generation to the track.

This company was awarded €3,916,299.60 out of an eligible cost of €9,790,749.00.

In Andalusia, Evolution Synergetique Automotive (EVO) is seeking to develop H2Tractor, an initiative that declared €5,266,303.50 as eligible costs and was awarded €3,526,249.60 by the government.

3,891,525.40 for the implementation of Ready4Flight, a project with an eligible cost of 15,566,101.40 euros, one of the most expensive.

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This call for proposals was endowed with 80 million euros, although in this first round only less than half was awarded. The remainder will be awarded in the next call.

This week was also published the Proposed Final Resolution of the Incentive Program 1: capabilities, technological advances and implementation of testing and/or manufacturing lines.

30 million, 11 companies received 11,906,282.10 euros.