Isuzu M21 Hybrid: Splitmania

Hibridación diésel/GLP de Isuzu M21 Euro VI para Splitmanía. Conoce más detalles sobre la hibridacion diésel/GLP de BeGas o solicita presupuesto.

Splitmania is a company specialized in supplying accessories for the complete installation of any air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and ventilation equipment, dedicated to the professional installer. With more than thirty years of experience, they have 21 points of sale in Spain. They hybridized their Isuzu M21 Euro VI to comply with the Environmental Protection Policy established by the company.

The hybridization between diesel and LPG / AutoGas from BeGas, for trucks and city buses, is simple and minimally intrusive. The most important aspect of the process is the calibration of the vehicle, since it is decisive to achieve the optimum mixing percentage between gas and diesel and to maintain the original performance of the engine. At BeGas we have our own state-of-the-art calibration bench for heavy industrial vehicles.

This hybridization, personalized in all cases, allows obtaining the Eco-DGTlabel, which enables industrial vehicles to comply with environmental regulations. From Splitmania, they assure us that it is «a way to reconcile industrial vehicles and the protection of the environment».

The company highlights the «significant» economic savings in fuel that the use of LPG / AutoGas implies, in addition to «the greater autonomy offered by being able to use two fuels.»

After having tested their first hybrid LPG / AutoGas vehicle, in Splitmania they are already considering including more hybrid vehicles to their fleet, as they consider it «highly advisable for this type of delivery vehicle».

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