Diesel / AutoGas hybridization of MAN TGM and Mercedes Benz Atego for Spartan Logística

camión híbrido, GLP, ECO

Spartan Logística is a company specialized in the transportation of valuable goods in security vehicles. They carry out the transfer of a wide range of products, such as valuable electronics, mobile telephones, state-of-the-art technology, jewelry, watches, luxury clothing, works of art or sensitive documentation.

They own a large fleet of vehicles, such as high-end armored vehicles for urgent deliveries of small packages, armored vans and trucks or motorcycles.Nowadays, its expansión is oriented to the mass via bidding with throught public administration.

En la actualidad, su expansión se dirige al ámbito público vía licitaciones con las diferentes administraciones públicas.

They notified us their desire to contribute into «the battle for a clean and sustainable environment»; That´s why they have decided at the current time, more than 50% of their fleet is aimed to be ECO. In future, they will reach their goal of having a 100% ECO fleet.

At BeGas we have hybridized its MAN TGM and its Mercedes Benz Atego diesel into Euro VI LPG / AutoGas, which has enabled the two vehicles to obtain the Eco-DGT environmental stamp.

A non intrusive solution was prompted in order to reduce the level of polluting emissions from these diesel vehicles, using the BeGas hybridization between diesel and LPG / AutoGas for trucks and city buses. The most important part of the process is the calibration of the vehicle, due to it is decisive to achieve the optimum mixture percentage between gas and diesel and to maintain the original performance of the engine. For this reason, at BeGas we have our own state-of-the-art calibration bench for heavy industrial vehicles.

After tested both vehicles, Spartan Logística has notified full satisfaction with the final result; the vehicles work with the same performance as per the previous one. In addition, they highlighted the «low consumption» and the «possibility of competing in public bidding where it is a requirement to have ECO vehicles», in accordance with its expansion policy.

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