We are a technology-based Spanish company with a strong research background


We are a technology-based Spanish company with a strong research background


Contribute to a sustainable future in the transport of goods and people, manufacturing 100% EURO VI E liquid injection Autogas/BioAutogas engines for trucks and city buses.
Tenemos más de 40 años de experiencia acumulada en el mundo de la automoción. Contamos con un equipo formado por doctores, doctorandos, ingenieros y técnicos de gran capacidad analítica que forman una potente base de conocimiento. Nuestros socios nos complementan y facilitan el desarrollo de nuestras capacidades: Corporate Venturing, Innvierte (CDTI), Ekarpen Private Equity, Easo Ventures, Seed Capital de Bizkaia, Itzarri EPSV, EIN, Fundación BBK, Atlántica Garantía y Full Global Investment entre otros.
We have developed the one and only 100% Autogas/BioAutogas engine for trucks and city buses with EURO VI E approval to operate in the EU. Our R&D department works on constant improvement, relying on leading technologies such as the use of techniques based on artificial intelligence and data mining capable of offering more accurate diagnosis systems, or the development of adaptive predictive controls to improve consumption and the emissions. To achieve success in our developments we seek the necessary external support, in this sense we collaborate closely with public and private research centers such as the Center for Thermal Engines of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, INSIA or innovative companies such as Adex.
As human beings we would like to contribute to making a better world. One of the main reasons that guide our activity is to reduce the CO2 emissions. We are committed to a sustainable transport. To make this possible we act in an environmentally fiendrly way, building a strong bond between our employees and clients, based in honesty, confident and committed with innovation and excellence.
''Grow your business where others can not''
''6 years ago we had an idea and today our first engine is already running''
''The first 100% LPG liquid injection EUROVI engine homologated for trucks and city buses''
''We can extend the lives of 27,000 people a year in Spain''